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Stepping Out of the Mud and Onto the Rainbow: Steps to Create Joy

Have you ever said, “I just feel stuck. I’m not clear on what I’m supposed to do. I want to move somewhere, do something different, experience something more BUT…”

Feeling stuck can feel like apathy or inertia. It’s hard to make a move or get excited about much. Excitement seemed to end when we stopped being a kid or being in love.

On the other hand, you can be pretty busy being stuck. You feel like a drone. You’re on “the treadmill of life” and don’t feel you have the right to stop long enough to think or feel or even consider getting off. And what if you did? The risks would be too great, you think.

We have a thousand reasons we can’t come out of the mud of our “stuck-ness”. We wake up every day and do the same thing and nothing changes. We feel an apathy, frustration or resentment that doesn’t get relieved. We have people in our lives we’ve drawn to us that energetically agree with something far below our desired vibration. The thought of beginning a program, setting a goal, or finding a new group of friends gets bogged down by our homegrown cynicism. We agree to stay stuck a little longer. After all, what good is it to want something more? We’ll only be disappointed. We’re convinced on some level that we are powerless and nothing will really change – so why try?

We’ve all had the experience of listening to a great speaker or going to an inspirational program and while we felt wonderful for a few hours, made lots of lists, bought some books, and made some appointments, the “feeling” wore off and our efforts frittered away back down to nothing. And we were back where we started. And then we were reminded we had done this umpteen times before. We didn’t want to expose ourselves to anyone and hear how this was one more thing we had started and didn’t finish.

Yup, the great dark one called SHAME entered the picture…along with the thoughts of “what’s the use?”, “nothing will change”, “we’re not strong enough” and “I should accept things as they are and be content”. Bottom line, there is an agreement that what we want doesn’t matter.

Can you see the heaviness of the energy in all of this? We should be miserable living a life that isn’t ours and that contains little if any enthusiasm for us whatsoever. It should depress us and make us terribly sad.

So, here’s what I’d like to ask you to do. For just 90 seconds, I want you to shut out everything around you and just let yourself feel the joy of your dream, of your enthusiasm, of having what you want, being who you truly are, exploring something new, learning to dance, going back to school, becoming that teacher or CPA or lawyer or doctor or radio personality.  For just 90 seconds, can you try this?

You will feel how long 90 seconds really is, but bar the door and every attempt of your negative ego to come in and harass you with thoughts of, “How are you going to do that? Where are you going to get the money? Who’s going to support you doing that?” Just hold off in this 90 second period. Really relish the good feeling.

And if you can go longer, do it!

As you let the negative ego’s words start flooding in, write them down. Pay attention to whose energy they belong to. Is it a family member? The news? Our culture? The energy at your job? You will see the rules you’ve accepted about why you can’t live your own life, that it isn’t possible, that it isn’t as important as the preferences and desires of others.

Be gentle with yourself.

It has taken a long time to accumulate the layers of negative energy and agreements – even across lifetimes! If on Day One, you find yourself coming to a screeching halt, relax. Don’t throw out the joy of your dream because you couldn’t do it on your first try. Try it again later, tomorrow and the next day. And keep noticing the voices and thoughts that comes in to tear you down.

Step Two is very bold. Decide to shift your energy to create joy. This can frighten a lot of us. We have this sense that if we do this, we’ll lose our job or leave our partners. No. This is just shifting your internal energy in the direction of your intention, your joy. As you start to do this, you are going to notice that you begin to attract different energies and supportive opportunities toward you.

This is your life! Who are you living it for? Why? List out those reasons as well. As you write this out, in the face of your 90-seconds a day focus, you are going to see what has you “stuck.” And ask yourself, is it true? Will no one really jump in or have they not had to try because I do everything for them?

With each reason, decide to come out of the mud. It may not look like anything happens right away. But it will shift. You will notice things begin to move.

Step 3 is to bring in some of the light beings, ministering spirits, archangels and guides into this 90 second time with you. What you will notice immediately (Yes, you are that sensitive!) is that they shift the energy within you and around you. Your 90 seconds will grow to 3 minutes. Just watch.

Do this as many times a day as you can – at work, at home, during a difficult conversation. Don’t’ stop. If you sustain this for 30 days, I can promise you that you will not be stuck any longer. You will begin to have some excitement in your life. You will have drawn some new energies your way that love you and support you for all that you are. And doors will begin to open for you.

Agree with what your heart enjoys. Agree with the desires you have. Don’t shut them down because you don’t have all the “why’s”. Stay open. Hold onto the joy. I can’t wait to hear about what happens. I hope you’ll write me!

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  • Susan
    Posted at 09:41h, 17 April Reply

    Hi Leslie,

    I met you in Raleigh. Since then I have made arrangements to move to San Antonio for a part time situation, not sure how that will work out, but, am selling my little car, bought a van and am ready for an adventure. Everything I have has to fit in the van, plus 2 cats and a little dog. The hardest part was asking my Dad for $ to buy the van. I procrastinated until the last minute. He wanted to help me! He wanted me to have a newer safer vehicle, and come to find out, has worry for me and my 2 daughters and 2 grandkids.

    I’ve had a few dreams of sliding down a slippery slope where I can’t stop sliding once I set things in motion. Not sure I’m supposed to do this thing in TX. I know I’m supposed to get out of the place I’m in now.

    I truly believe that your lecture helped me let go of a lot of blocks. I am enjoying feeling more aware and alive. Things are really starting to change for the better. I feel that what I truly want for my life can occur now. Even though I don’t know what that is yet. I’ve been sharing your info. Thanks for being there and sharing your love.

    Peace, Love and Joy,

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