Why Cant I Let Go Of My Beliefs

Why Can’t I Let Go Of My Beliefs?

Wounds and Beliefs come up to be cleared. They reveal themselves on the treasure hunt that takes us to our heart’s desires. Seems odd, doesn’t it? Why should we experience pain and unearth these beliefs and feel bad to get to our abundance, our wholeness, our dreams? It almost seems to reinforce the “no pain, no gain” concept. Well sort of, but not quite…

Beliefs, agreements, cords and attachments are energies. The good news is that they aren’t all ours to begin with. They can belong to family, loved ones, our long ancestral line — even past life time relationships.

In the process of the abundance or light vibration path, we may encounter these beliefs and defend them like a dying man. Why? Many reasons. Some of us feel it would shine a spotlight on the fact that we’ve been living in reduced circumstances unnecessarily. Or, we feel we might now have to own our choices and change things. Risk is involved, we feel. It might reveal our low self-esteem, gifted to us at the battering hands of parents, school and society. Our life on earth has taught us to attach blame, whether to ourselves or others, to feel ashamed or embarrassed, that these bad, wrong choices are our fault. Spirit comes from another place.

Step one is acknowledging the belief, that it isn’t actually truth. It has just been driving the bus for a while. We find out how powerful it is once we try to remove it. Then we discover we are attached to the belief. In a strange sort of way, it has kept us safe and small, maybe even invisible. We didn’t have to go for that whole greatness thing or believe in the fantasy of our dreams.

Releasing the wounding belief means coming to an awareness that we are responsible for a new set of outcomes, due to the new energy we are putting out. We are literally changing our lives. This introduces another set of scary triggers: the fear of being asked to do something we might not be able to do. What if we can’t do it, after having been passive for so long? Some of us may choose to disappear into our spirituality, refusing to be grounded, hiding our head under a pillow (or in the clouds) because it is all too frightening.

Our inner child goes back to memories of being powerless and feeling victimized by the adults in our lives. We had no car, didn’t have money, were asked to do too much for our size and years. So with regard to this belief you’ve uncovered, your inner child can think grown ups are asking  him/her once again to do something beyond their capabilities. We feel overwhelmed. The fear comes up and practically stops us in our tracks.

All this before we have even released the belief and cleared it out of our energetic experience! Makes sense that we have tolerated lack, abusive relationships at home and work, invisibility and low pay all this time. But your spirit is calling you higher.

It is not that we don’t want relief or a better life. We absolutely do. Clearing it puts us into an empowered state that allows us to step into something better, to have more, to fulfill our dreams. To clear the beliefs that have kept us in a diminished or damaged state forces us to look at the horrifying power we have given to these beliefs. But here’s our chance to change all that. Ready? We can do this!

The solution

We call on help because it is hard to feel alone and abandoned. That’s why I like to bring in the Ascended Masters and Archangels that support our highest good. The safety in their energy vibration creates an amazing experience. So do that.

It has been revealed to you what the belief is. You are afraid. They come into help you. Now, allow yourself to release that belief or value judgment on yourself. You have to let go of it if you want a better future. You have to forgive the source of the belief, because you are the one storing the energy. Breathe deep into that belief and allow your spirit to release it. If tears come, that is all right. There is emotion associated with this belief. You may feel, “No, I can’t.” Continue to breathe into it. Ask the Masters for their help in the process. Choose now to believe you can create your own reality. Choose now to envision a new reality based on a new belief.

“I choose better”, I feel better. I allow more. I expand my heart beyond all limitations. I release any limits on my finances or friendships or love relationships. I step into my strengths and beauty and creativity. I accept a full upgrade and reinforce it for the next 21 days.” Thank the masters. And so be it.

Need help? Some of these can be quite large and control a big space of your reality. I’m glad to support you and clear these with you.

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