A Fool’s Journey or a Majestic Odyssey

Magical Thinking: A Fool’s Journey or a Majestic Odyssey?

Often when I speak, I talk about being born into this world, generally loved as a baby, spending the next 18 years of life being taught to lose our confidence, intuition, awareness and joy – then spending several decades attending lectures and reading spiritual and self-help literature to recover it all. Is this a cosmic joke? What is this Earth school and why is it so hard?

Magical Thinking means “seeing those things that are not as though they were.” It suggests that the creativity of our thoughts and emotions can make a powerful imprint on our reality, rather than the other way around (our reality dictating our thoughts and feelings). Some might call this faith – creating something out of nothing. It isn’t “there”, so we create it with our thoughts.

The truth is, we do this every day, all the time. Our expectations, thoughts, and awarenesses create our experience. Our emotions reinforce it. Our life plays out with massive reinforcement from our expectations of how it will all unfold. We’ve decided what is possible based on our finite awareness. We’ve been taught to only consider what is “possible” as the “truth of the situation.” These are our skills, this is what we can earn, this is what is possible at my age, this is all I can afford, I will be alone if I leave this relationship, etc.

So Magical Thinking, in this light, can seem ridiculous. What makes it more real? What allows us to create from another realm – from Infinite Mind, or Higher Mind? What allows us to sprinkle the fairy dust of infinite possibilities onto our “existence”?

We know we are continuously attracting, drawing in our experience as we expect and feel it. A perfect way to test this energetically, is to tell yourself the opposite expectation. For example, say out loud, “I create $5000 a month from my creative talents and guidance. I create perfect health. I create world travel. I create energetic resonance with friends and loved ones.”

When you do this, you may almost immediately feel a check, or block, in your field. That lets you know that there is energetic dissonance in your field. That is the spot where we want to do some work. When we can heal that part of you, then we can align your desires with your energetic expectations, your emotions and your thoughts. For example, we can have the feeling that good things don’t show up for us. We have to work our butts off to manifest or create anything. Nothing gets handed to us. It’s not easy for a woman to become an executive in this company. I won’t get more than minimum wage if I leave this miserable job. I can’t support myself. No one will love me now that I’m 57. I’m not attractive. And so on…

So, you can see that with every desire and expectation, there comes a healing. Magical thinking, combined with powerful, positively charged emotion, creates our abundance. How long that takes depends on how much we have to heal. The more negative energies, beliefs, and wounds we heal, the clearer our field becomes and the better we attract. Some of us can throw off these blockages quickly. Others of us may take a more circuitous journey.

The important thing is that we can shift our lives and step into something new. We know it. We can do this.

The special sauce in all of this is inviting in some magnificent energies to help with this transformation. I love working with Ascended Masters, Archangels, healing teams, and light beings. The thing is, they come upon invitation. So, allow yourself to invite in supportive energies to help you work through these heavier, darker thought forms and energies so that you can experience a new experience here on Earth. Truly, literally, in every sense.

What do you have to lose? If it makes you feel better, you don’t have to tell anyone you’re doing this. But your experience will change and people will want to know what you do. Perhaps you’ll tell them. You have taken what you thought was “reality” and created a new one. How wonderful is that?

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  • Carla in Portland
    Posted at 11:09h, 30 July Reply

    Hello, Leslie!

    Thank you for another wonderful blog post! As usual, it’s been just what I needed at just the right time.

    You are a truly gifted writer, and I can feel the inspiration behind your messages (and I love the images you choose). After reading your new post, I go on to read at least five related articles.

    Just wanted to let you know that there’s someone out here who is being regularly helped and inspired by your work and words!

    Have a wonderful day.

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