From Collapse to Transformation: Turning the End of Something Into a New Beginning

Many of us have had a situation or event in life that causes our well-fortified structures of security, safety and competence to crumble. It can deliver a powerful wave of fear, along with a sense of failure. The situation may have been building up to the point of collapse or it may have come suddenly. The result rattles us in our very core.

The first reaction, often is one of emotional upset (hurt and anger) and victimization. We don’t like the word “victim”. We were taught our whole lives not to be one, that’s for sure. How could it possibly be that we feel that way? Yet we do, and we express it in a thousand ways – something outside of us doing something to us within.

We all have it. It’s hard to be on this planet and not get caught up in that type of thinking. Who wants to admit feelings of lack or helplessness, anger toward loved ones or the world, weakness or failure? It’s as if we’re exposing some part of us that will get us further destroyed or rejected.

In this moment, we are called to venture into the depths of ourselves, to look at this situation as an outward symptom of an internal view. If plant our feet, cross our arms and stubbornly insist that nothing can change, or if we justify our helpless reaction to the situation and perhaps do the “why me” routine, we don’t progress or heal. Believe it or not, a part of us truly wants to progress and heal. That part of us is answering another desire within us – not to sustain the status quo, but to launch us into our truth, who we truly are.

For example, if we have a clear, inflexible idea of what success is and how security is built, what abundance looks like, how life should appear in all its packaging, then we may miss the opening to a new life that is driven by our heart’s desires.

While some situations may look like they are a total surprise, often, we can trace the beginnings of the situation further back to a place of energetic disappointment or dissatisfaction. If we’re brave, we can go into all the places where the seeds were planted. Perhaps we were tolerating a situation that wasn’t nurturing to our spirit. Perhaps we are replaying an energy or agreement we’ve held since childhood. Maybe someone was mirroring to us our own rejection of ourselves, our dreams, our choices. We need to go into ourselves and see all the places that rejection has happened. If we stay in the place of blaming others and feeling powerless, or we choose not to see, then we don’t shift and we will get more of the same. Everything comes up to be healed.

Our 3D world has taught us to interpret rough times as failure, shame, powerlessness . Spirit has a very opposite agenda. Spirit asks, what are all the energetic components of the situation? Do we hate our job? Do we have perpetual financial lack? Are we so desensitized to our truth we can’t even go there, due to the panic? Are we angry, and if so, about what? We have to ask the tough questions to get to the real answers that then enable an energetic transformation. If we just want the panic to go away, there’s not healing in that. We certainly can engineer more of the same, but is that what we are feeling guided into?

If we know we are the light of the world and every fear, injury, loss or rejection is brought up to guide us to healing and transformation, then our approach is going to be quite different from someone who is seeking more of the same to satisfy the fear of insecurity and lack of safety. If our experience is that we can’t trust ourselves and we can’t trust guidance, then that is coming up for review and we can choose now if we’d like to heal that wound. Every healing allows us to attract differently.

Guidance may seem radical and impractical, compared to how we have run our lives up until this point. Guidance doesn’t take us down a path to give us more of the same. It opens a door to new beginnings, to healing, to light.

Some of us have to wait to be clobbered before we stop and listen. Perhaps we have to quit our job or go on disability. Perhaps we have to go away for a bit to even hear and heal.

Regardless, that is part of the path. It moves us in a direction to begin to hear. We might uncover some old rules that have run our lives for decades, that are ready to be surrendered. They just don’t match us anymore. However, relinquishing them means we have to begin to trust ourselves.

Is it possible to live in this world and be “happy”? It is. But not while maintaining all of the old rules and structures and fears we have sustained

Our guidance is fresh, new, and empowering. When we start to heal the old baggage, we get to step into a new adventure, a new journey. It won’t be more of the same. Our ego will think our lives are crumbling. We’re not crumbling; we’re transforming so the adventure can begin.

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