Hold Your Intention – Embrace Joy

You may be asking, how long do I need to do this?

What are you really concerned about? Do you have a deadline of some kind and you think if you don’t reach your goal by then, you’ll fail? What does it mean for you if you don’t achieve it within 30 days, for example? Does it mean you can’t do it? You’ll never do it? Does a familiar voice come into your head that says, “You’re a failure. You’re not smart enough. You’re never going to amount to anything. You’re just dreaming. Your life’s never going to change?”

Let me encourage you a bit on this. The very moment you stepped into your intention is the moment that “something happened.” You put a desire in motion that brought all of your insides to attention. How do you know that? Because everything in you jumped up to react and explain why you couldn’t do “it” or have “it”. Voices from family, memories of past failures, and a “reality check” regarding your current circumstances all came to attention to salute and let you know you were being “unrealistic”.

When we begin to shift, the horror of the vast ocean of our negative thoughts and beliefs can be demoralizing. So, we have a lot of work to do! There is a lot to shift in order to embrace joy. Secondly, if this is the first time you’ve opened yourself to the realm of Source and the fact that you can access the unlimited potential and exponential opportunities of the Universe, then you should be stepping through some “schooling” on how to operate in that dimension.

Thirdly, you have launched yourself on a massive exploratory learning curve to figure out how to do that thing you want to do.  And, in the midst of all this, you likely haven’t quit your day job; nor have you gotten rid of your family.

“Be supportive of yourself! Be gentle. Appreciate what you are doing. Release the expectation that you should be leaping between skyscrapers. This is a big undertaking in your life, one that is important to you, but it is so worthwhile!”

You will have obstacles and interferences, and most of them will be in your own head, your own heart and in your own energy field. They will rarely see the light of day with those around you.

When you first encounter a belief or circumstance that blocks your path, don’t throw in the towel. Don’t leap to the conclusion that “It’s not meant to be.”  First, go into your quiet time. Drop down deep within yourself. Ask for guidance on what this interference is about. Ask why this is being brought to your attention. Is it the first time? Is it a common message for you? Does it always stop you in your tracks? Does it make you feel small, like a failure, like you’ll never surface out of the morass you find yourself in? Invite your higher self, your guides, your masters into the quiet space with you. Get centered. Allow yourself to explore what this might be about.

Here’s a tip. If you are having a negative reaction, it’s a sign that you need to pay attention to something that keeps pushing your buttons or that keeps preventing you from shifting into your dream. It is not the desire of Source, which is the source of all unconditional love and abundance, to stop you from manifesting your heart’s desire.

Now that you have gotten to the bottom of the block, the belief, the energy, decide what you want to do. Do you want to move beyond it? Or, is there a part of you that wants to hold on to it? It may seem easy to say, “Yes, I want to shift, of course I do.” But often we encounter reasons we don’t want to change. We might have to leave a comfort zone. We may have to stop blaming
others and take responsibility for our own dreams and desires. Sometimes when there is a detour, it is to take us down a path to heal a block that has always stopped us. So, ask yourself, are you done with it?

You aren’t being delayed. You’re honoring your higher self, your soul, your essence, by choosing to surface some of these difficult obstacles so that you can clear them. Try not to be so linear that you don’t allow Source to show you another way to your intention.

As you move into your intention, you very likely are not just white-knuckling it and forcing your way to your goal; you are experiencing some psychic surgery that will allow you to experience reality in a new way and to rewire yourself with new messages about unlimited possibilities in your life. You are stepping into an entirely new way of being. You’re a pioneer. As you
clear your personal debris, you will not only shift in your own life, closer toward your intention; you will also become an example to many others who are watching you – partners, children, co-workers. They’ll all want to know what you are doing, what it is that is so different from them?

“No longer will you see a block or difficulty, or even a difficult person, as just a problem. You will now see them as a gift, an  opportunity to move beyond it. These experiences are no longer accidents. With each “problem,” we choose to heal, forgive, and step into all that we are in that incredibly powerful moment.”

And then watch what happens. You won’t be asking yourself anymore, “How long do I have to wait for something to happen?” It will happen in an instant and in numerous ways. Everything around you will change. Life will begin to look different. “It” will happen every day, in every moment. You will be lighter, more joyous, and excited with the anticipation of what will happen next. Each block and obstacle that you agree to remove allows you to step into your healing, your success, your abundance, the unconditional love of Source, and into your joyous life.

It all began with an intention. Will you let yourself experience it? It is an incredible journey, one that you won’t regret.

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