Armistice Day

Destiny: Who Are You Now and Where Do You Want to Go?

I want to wish everyone a special holiday season. For many of us, the last couple of weeks in the calendar year provide a time for us to do an annual review.

So, what can you celebrate? What were you challenged or inhibited by? What personal milestones did you achieve? What breakthroughs did you experience? What new opportunities did you allow yourself to step into? Did you shift and heal?

And now, what is the destiny you are shaping in this moment? What would you like to create in the coming year? What patterns in relationships, finances and life, that you have you repeated over the years, would you like to complete and shift? Be Bold and Courageous! Everything manifesting right now in your life is a reflection of what you have already initiated within, on so many levels and throughout your energy field. Sometimes, we want to look to the external manifestations as proof of where we are. But where we are now was put in motion in the past. Let’s look forward!

Do an inventory this week. Identify those thoughts, emotions agreements, vows and beliefs you’re ready to shift. Find those hooks and say YES to releasing them. You are going to amazed at the change you begin to witness.

Let’s now choose differently. Let’s shift our emotions and energetic resonance about our finances, relationships, health and jobs to a new vibrational level. If you’re feeling anxious and depressed about the same block showing up over and over again, remember, the identification of the block is a GIFT. It is showing up so that you can see it, so that you can choose to clear it. Sometimes our pattern is to get bogged down in the feeling of failure and helplessness, to feel victimized, then maybe to divert the painful feeling to food, TV – any form of avoidance we can find. This time, as a supreme GIFT to yourself, go into it and create a wide space. Ask yourself, why do I believe it can’t change? Do I feel alone?

This is the season where we celebrate the supernatural and amazing, right? The Christed and Buddhic energies, the invocation of those phenomenal Archangels. Why not walk the talk this year and invite them into this space of our failings, misgivings and inadequacies. See what it is like to invoke their powerful presence into those insecurities and low self esteem. Then note what comes to you to step into and create in the next moment, to unfold in the new year. Allow that beautiful safe, wide space and their presence.

We aren’t meant to be alone through it all. Find out area that you have been recycling over and over, whether it is a feeling of diminishment with a particular loved one or a health impediment or a promotion block at work – where you can’t “see” a way to change it or improve it – and you will be amazed at what you can shift. Realize what you can create in your next moments.

Make this your special gift to YOU.

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