Creating In The Moment

Creating In The Moment: Shifting Our Energy

The very moment you step into your intention is the moment that you have begun to manifest it.  Something has just happened. Nothing may have shown up yet, but you have turned your energy in that direction. All the universe will  conspire to support you in the creation of it. That is how it works.

Sometimes we get anxious due to our expectations of time and how long we think things should take, without an awareness of the transformations we will walk through. Then, if we’re not careful, we rescind the intention and it fizzles into nothing.

An intention is there to change us. It is setting us in the direction of something we desire to create, something we don’t have at the moment. We move our energy in the direction of that desire and it starts us on on a journey. On that journey, we can encounter some interferences, perhaps, to that desire manifesting “immediately.”

We manifest in alignment with our energy. If we desire to increase our finances or to go on a vacation or to move into a new house, we should identify what we expect that desire will give us. Will it provide security? Will we be able to have time to write a book or find ourselves? Getting at the crux of what a desire will give us helps us to then heal that “hole” or that lack of worthiness. An intention always takes us to a healing and we attract better.

A healing is always involved with our desires and intentions. That is because it shifts our frequency. Shifting our frequency allows us to be aligned with our desires.

We manifest according to our energy. What we have now is what we have attracted up until now. If our heart desires to create something but we have fear in our solar plexus or in our security center, then we may not step into it. We’ll rationalize, excuse and not put the full unified force of our energy into it.

Always choose to heal and don’t be alarmed at what arises. It will look like a block, but it is always showing you something you are ready to shift. When we shift, we attract better!

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