Standing Up to the Past to Create Your Reality

Standing Up to the Past to Create Your Reality

When we clear our field, we are removing long-standing agreements and contracts that have been determining our experiences with life partners, employment, and the people we encounter on a so-called random basis. These energies can be positive or negative, full of abundance and joy or full of lack and suffering. Sometimes we are unaware of how bogged down we are with these heavy energies, until something gets our attention.

The fact is, it isn’t all ours. These rules, codes, beliefs and attitudes can come from our ancestral line, our current family, and even from past lifetimes.

The day you become aware of an energy in your life that is holding you back and making your life miserable – that is your appointment with destiny. It is your chance to end a karmic pattern once and for all and create your reality. The tendency might be to look at this as unwarranted suffering. But in this moment, look at it with a new pair of eyes. Realize, this could be served up to you for the last time – if you’re done.

Why wouldn’t we want to end it right then and there? Don’t we all want to end our own suffering? Well, yes and no. You see, some of our suffering is familiar. We understand it. We know who it comes from and how it works. Part of us is even quite comfortable being victimized by it. To take charge and make a change, well, that would lead us to some responsibility and put us in the driver’s seat of our own lives.

We can hold onto energies and contracts out of loyalty, guilt, codependency (living someone else’s life instead of our own), fear or apathy. We wouldn’t want to tell anyone that occasionally we enjoy our anger and resentment. Some of us don’t want to make a change in our lives until our parents pass on, out of some strange sense of loyalty.

If we were to remove these agreements, how would life then be? How would we act? Would anyone speak to us anymore? Would we make new friends? Just the fear of that unknown is enough to stop us. Hence, why some of us aren’t so sure about abundance and creating our life purposefully.

All of us have the ability to create our dreams and to support our visions. Why? Because even if we are disabled in some way, it begins without any external action. It is a shift within ourselves. First, we surrender. Then we become willing. Then we agree to release what stands in the way. Then we allow the unlimited full potentiality of the Universe to present new energies, new opportunities, new outcomes. We need to be a little courageous because it can be a bit like stepping into a game where we don’t know the rules.

Be compassionate with yourself. While some of your patterns may have made you miserable for a very long time, you at least understood them.

If you’ve been raised within certain cultural confines, throwing them off is like having a new experience every day. You’ll have new exciting encounters and you’ll have challenging ones with those who don’t embrace what you’re doing.

Something inside you is telling you to be all that you are, to listen to the intuitive guidance that comes to you even when it conflicts with your cultural codes. It is hinting at abundance, health and relationships that are more expansive, free and supportive of your own energy. When we cut the cords in those relationship and we either upgrade or end those contracts, we have the opportunity to experience a new freedom. It then becomes an exciting life you’re living.  But you can be all that. You really can.

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